Gr. C Grande Punto - € 70,00

num. persone5num. valigie2num. valigie5cambio automaticoAaria condizionata

Fiat Punto Evo Aut. o veicolo simile Economica, 4-5 porte, con aria cond.
  • 5 Passeggeri
  • 2 Valigie
  • 5 porte
  • Cambio Manuale
  • Impianto di aria condizionata
× GPS incluso!

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Messaggi (8)

  1. Rispondi
    Joyce Kowalyshyn

    We would like to rent a car in Livorno Italy (we are arriving via Holland Cruise) on August13, 2016 for the day. Pick up around 8am and drop off at around 5 pm. Can you quote us (my husband and I). Thanks so much Joyce

  2. Rispondi
    jian xu

    We would like to rent a car in Livorno Italy (we are arriving via Norwegian Cruise Line) on November 20th, 2016. Pick up around 9am and drop off at around 6 pm. Is it possible for us to pickup the car on the dock? Thanks, Jian

  3. Rispondi
    William Beasley

    We are arriving in the Port of Livorno on the morning of May 7 at 0700 and would like to rent a car for the day, returning it approximately 1700 on the same day. Can you let me know what I need to do to secure this rental. I am a US licensed driver and have driven in Italy several times before and do not recall having to posess an international driver's license. Please confirm my US driver's license will be sufficientl.

  4. Rispondi

    Inquiring about a rental during our Princess cruise...arriving in Liverno on Oct 2nd.
    Possible to pick up and drop off at the cruise terminal?
    Canadian drivers license sufficient?
    Please provide the total price with all taxes and fees.
    Thank you!

  5. Rispondi
    Mary Johnson

    We arrive at Livorno Cruiseship Terminal on 23rd September 2018 [Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas. Can we pick up the car at the cruise terminal and leave it there upon our return. We will be driving to the Commonwealth Graves at Il Girone. If this is possible I will book this car with you. Thank you - Mary

  6. Rispondi

    Hello! We are interested in renting a car on Thurday, September 6th from 10:30 till 15:30 hrs directly in the port of Livorno as we will be arriving with the NCL Epic. Could you please tell us the prize for a car for 5 people. One person as a driver (32 years, Austrian drivers license). Thank you!

  7. Rispondi
    Professor Gareth Davies

    I wish to hire a Gr. C Grande Punto for one day (10 AM to 18.00) on Friday to be picked up at your office near the train station in Florence.
    Could you please confirm that this is possible. I understand that the cost is euro 70

    Gareth Davies

  8. Rispondi
    Grace Palamara


    Is this car available to be picked up in Firenze on 18th September 2019 until 1st October 2019 to be dropped off in Reggio?

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