Gr. B Panda - € 50,00

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Fiat Panda o veicolo simile Economica, 2-3 porte, Manuale, con aria cond.

  • 4 Passeggeri
  • 2 Valigie
  • Cambio Manuale
  • 5 porte
  • Impianto di aria condizionata
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Messaggi (42)

  1. Rispondi
    Heiko Misol

    We are arriving on Sunday 24 April on a cruise ship and would like to rent an economy car for 4 persons or a van for 7 people.
    Do you have one of these vehicles available and is a delivery to the port of Livorno possible.
    Best regards

  2. Rispondi
    John Whittington

    Good Day We are looking to rent a Fiat Panda on Fri July 01 early am and are arriving at Livorno port on the Royal Princess. Is it possible to return the car to Livorno Centrale train station on Sunday July 03 at 6am (realize you are
    closed on Sun - hoping an arrangement can be made)

  3. Rispondi
    Mary Kitchen

    We are arriving on a Celebrity cruise on July 28/16 at the port in Livorno and we are interested in a Fiat Panda or similar for the day from 8 to 5 pm. Can you please provide me with details for the rental.
    Thanks you!

  4. Rispondi
    Kevin Hall

    Hi. We are arriving on Celebrity Equinox at Livorno port on Sunday August 7, 2016. I'm looking to rent a Panda or similar for one day. The ship docks at 0700 and departs at 1900. Could you please sent me rental details and cost please.
    Thank you Kevin

  5. Rispondi
    William Beasley

    Arriving on Celebrity Cruise Ship at 7 am on 7 May 2017 and would like to rent a car for the day returning it around 1700 the same day. We would only need a car for two passengers. I am very comfortable with a manual transmission. Can you provide details please on what I would need to do to reserve a car?
    Thank you.

  6. Rispondi
    Ben Debiec


  7. Rispondi

    We will be in Firenze in Septembre. Two adults and a one-year-old baby. I would like to know the price for the rent of a baby seat only for one day (I always read in rental car webs an amount for the rent,and is very expensive for only one day).
    Thank you.

  8. Rispondi
    Mase Taherian


    My wife and I would like to rent an economy car for one day May 23rd. We would like to pick up at 8:00am and drop off at 9:00pm.

  9. Rispondi


    Looking to rent the Gr. B PandaCar for tomorrow May 16th 12:30pm and return on May 19th late morning. Could someone please contact me to look into rental.

    Thank you!

  10. Rispondi
    Lauren Vega

    Hi! I am wanting to rent the economy car on Sunday to drive through Tuscany. Is it available?

  11. Rispondi
    Robert Costa

    I will arrive at the Firenze S M. Novella train station about 14:30 hs on June 19, 2018. I would like to have the car ready at 15:00 hs. Returning the car on June 22. How many kilometers are allowed per day? Thank you
    Robert Costa

  12. Rispondi
    Daniel Morgan

    How do I reserve a car? There are several statements on your website about renting "online" but I can't find any online links to reservation forms.

  13. Rispondi

    Hi, Does Gr. B Panda have an automatic version? Looking for an automatic car for a family of 3 people for Saturday and Sunday?

    Pick up: Florence train station


  14. Rispondi
    Gina LeBlanc

    We would like to rent a Fiat panda for one day in Florence. Wednesday 11 July.

  15. Rispondi

    I'm interested in having information to rent a car like Gr. B Panda - € 50,00 Fiat Panda or similar vehicle Economy, 2-3 Door, Manual, A/C
    To pick it in Florence city 11th novembre
    To leave it in Pisa Airport

  16. Rispondi

    I want to rent a small car tomorrow 13 or 14 for the day. I only have a New Zealand driving license. Can I drive here?

  17. Rispondi
    Isabella Kugel

    Hello, I would like to rent a car for my mother. Pickup at Santa Maria Novella Train station at 11 on October 28th and return on October 30.

  18. Rispondi
    Mariana Desiderio


    I would like to check rate and availability for renting an economy car from Dec 31 to Jan 3.

    Best regards,
    Mariana Desiderio

  19. Rispondi
    Kim P walls

    Hi, I would like to check the rate and availability of renting a car April 16 through April 18. Thank you, Kim

  20. Rispondi
    Kim P walls

    Hi, I am interested in renting a Fiat Panda - manual or automatic - April 16-18. Thanks! Kim

  21. Rispondi
    victoria chaidez

    Hi! We are coming for our honeymoon and we are interested in a Fiat from June 4 to June 7. Can you send us some information on how to book?

    • Rispondi
      CarRentalGroup Firenze

      Dear client,
      Sorry for our delay to reply . In order to properly reply and file your request kindly email to your request. We will give you all rates & information for renting with CarRentalGroup.


    • Rispondi

      Dear client,
      We will be glad to supply any info on renting a cra during your HoneyMoon. Kindly email to your request and we will be happy to give you free upgrade for Honeymooners.


  22. Rispondi
    Kim Darling

    My husband and I would like to rent a car in Florence from 7 April - 18 April. We would like a manual transmission Panda if that is available. If not, another small car will do. A Fiat 500 would work.

  23. Rispondi
    pornchai kijjarouk

    i would like to reserve this Gr. B Panda - € 50,00 for 20 May 2019 1 day for tuscany trip. when your operation time. can we pick up in early morning 8 am and return at night say 8-9 pm.

  24. Rispondi
    Irene Trullén

    Me gustaría alquilar un Panda para el día 31/03/19 a recoger a las 10 y a devolver a la última hora posible. Soy flexible segun el horario que realizéis. Espero vuestra respuesta. Muchas gracias.

  25. Rispondi

    Hi I'm trying to book the Gr. B Panda - € 50,00. 1st May - 4th May but can't see how to do it on the website??



    • Rispondi

      Send tour inquiry to

  26. Rispondi


  27. Rispondi

    I would like to know the total cost to rent Panda from 4/9 2:30 - 4/12 12:00 noon. Thank you.

  28. Rispondi
    Arthur R Day

    I would like a Panda for one day on 16/05/2019. How can I get a reservation? Thanks.

  29. Rispondi
    Kathy Lee

    i would like to rent a Gr.B Panda Automatic -$50.00 on May 1 from 9am and return on May 3 at 7pm.
    May i ask how much in total and how do i book online please?

  30. Rispondi
    Javier Tallón Aguilar

    Buenas tardes,

    Nos gustaría reservar un coche para nuestras vacaciones en Florencia. Hemos visto su servicio y nos gustaría contratarlo. Nos gustaría alquilar un coche del 08 al 10 de Agosto de 10am a 9am o del 10 al 12 de Agosto de 10 am a 9 am (Nos gustaría tener los dos presupuestos). También nos gustaría saber las condiciones en relación al deposito y posible franquicia. En tal caso nos gustaría contratar un seguro para eliminar la franquicia.

    Quedamos a la espera de vuestra respuesta así como un teléfono móvil de contacto ya que no podemos llamar al numero fijo.

    Un saludo y gracias

  31. Rispondi
    Raúl lendinez

    Buon pomeriggio, vorrei ricevere il prezzo di affitto di un Panda Fiat per i giorni 14/06/2019 a 18/06/2109 sia incluso, così come i diversi tipi di assicurazione

  32. Rispondi
    Miguel Urzua

    Hola! Me gustaría arrendarlo desde las 9:00 am hasta las 21:00 horas. Es posible? Gracias

  33. Rispondi
    Ferran Bartumeus

    Buenas tardes
    Quisiera información para alquilar un vehículo de la flota gr.panda, los días 18 y 19 de agosto. Precio total y lugar de recogida.

    Muchas gracias.

  34. Rispondi

    i want a economy car for rent , for one day on 8th august, for a day trip to chianti. we will be staying at hotel soggiorno venere. pl inform rates/prices on-

  35. Rispondi

    I would like to reserve a small automatic rental for 2 people from 14-18 September. Please contact me and let me know if you can do this.

  36. Rispondi
    george sikes

    I'm interested in renting a car from December 28, 2019 5:00 pm until January 4, 2020 (morning). Can you please provide total cost?
    Also, how close are you to the train station (can I walk to it with wheel luggage)?
    When I return the car, how long will it take to get to the airport via the train?

    Thank you, George

  37. Rispondi
    Fernando Alves Arias

    Hola, quería alquilar un coche para hoy mismo, yo estoy en Florencia y quería ir a pisa , lo devolvería hoy a la noche , quiero saber precio y condiciones , gracias.

  38. Rispondi
    Shunfa Lee

    I would like to reserve this Gr. B Panda - € 50,00 for 01 Feb 2020, 1 day. How to reserve this car?

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